Fedders Fridge technology is considerable. We’ve worked over the years to bring you a Fridge that does the heavy lifting for you – and does it behind the scenes. All you see when you open a Fedders’ Fridge is a cornucopia of freshness. We apply 301 (degree) anti-bacteria which integrates multiple sterilization technologies, such as ultraviolet sterilization, ozone sterilization, titanium photo catalyst sterilization and active sterilization ion. This kills bacteria completely in the refrigerator and on the food surface. Here are some other technological advances we employ:

1. For maximum freshness and nutritional value, Fedders fridge incorporates photosynthesis technology. Two cooling compartment LEDs simulate natural sunlight and enable adequate photosynthesis of fruits and vegetables. This process increases the chlorophyll and vitamin levels, and also restricts sprouting or rotting. In other words, your fruits and vegetables retain freshness over a long period of time.

2. We utilize a three dimensional air supply system, which ensures that the cool air is well distributed and freshness is maintained. This classifies the refrigerator as “frost-free”.

3. The panel uses tempered glass, which is easy to clean and is anti-friction.

4. This refrigerator also has a smartly-designed, high-definition LED display. Angled at 120 degrees, it’s easy to read, and extremely accurate. In fact, you can adjust the computer-controlled temperature a single degree at a time.